About Us

WICE Radiology is a state-of-the-art locally owned and Independent Medical Imaging Facility. Our unique set up maintains physician leadership skills of their specific clinical practice while retaining the quality of the outcome.

Early diagnosis and distinction of an ailment results in minimal healthcare costs for patients. Our team consists of dedicated individuals who understand that their only objective is to provide the best imaging services in the region in an efficient, safe and state of the art center.

Mission Statement

Wisconsin Imaging Centre of Excellence was created out of necessity to provide the most cost efficient and best imaging services in the area.


  • to become a market leader imaging services in the area
  • to make the patients feel stress-free, well-lodged and taken care of
  • to collaborate with accomplished peer groups of Wisconsin radiologists in order to undergo the process of diagnosis
  • to provide quality services at an economical price


Accessible Location & Suitable Timings

Our accessible location, compliant working hours and foolproof services are available _____hours a week including the weekends! You don’t have to worry to skip the office early because our apt opening hours enable you to come visit us whenever suitable.

Approachable Staff

Our friendly staff is approachable and is patient centric.

State-of-the-art technology

The state-of-the-art machinery at WICE Diagnostics provides pellucid results. As for the claustrophobic patients, comfortable lodging awaits and they have nothing to fret about.

Accurate Diagnosis

Diagnosis comes before treatment and even could help to prevent a forthcoming ailment. WICE offers a broad array of services geared to address today’s most common non-emergency Diagnostic Imaging Services. Our passionate team is dedicated to diagnose and report your current state of health under the constant supervision of competent radiologists.

Experienced Staff

WICE has a skilled team of radiologists and staff and their utmost priority is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care with quick diagnosis and detection. We provide advanced and futuristic Imaging services that ought to be best in the entire Region.

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