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"Fantastic place. Receptionist is very nice and knowledgeable, and technologists are very caring and helpful!  I highly recommend this place for all your imaging! Reports and images are back within 24 hours!"

- Amanda

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WICE Radiology is the best local option for an inexpensive and detailed DEXA Bone Density scan:

  • Low price in Milwaukee, starting at $115
  • Appointment and results in 1-2 days
  • Independent, locally-owned center that cares about our community

DEXA Bone Density Scans in Milwaukee
for a Low Price

CT Scan Milwaukee

A DEXA scan is conducted to analyze bone density and check for any signs or osteoporosis, or weak bones. This type of low-dose x-ray measures the amount of calcium in bones to determine bone thickness and strength.

The scanning process involves lying down for around 10 to 15 minutes while our trained radiographer runs the bone density machine. At WICE, we use the best technology to provide accurate results all while allowing a quick and comfortable appointment.


Lower Price

Faster Access


Locally Owned

High Quality

Insurance Accepted

Significantly more affordable than Milwaukee hospitals

Appointment and results in 1-2 business days vs. hospitals which may take 1-3 weeks

Very easy walk-in with a 5 minute bi-lingual registration process

Friendly, expert staff who truly care about your experience

State-of-the-art  machine delivers high definition results

All major insurance accepted - call us for your pricing

MRI  |  CT Scan  |  X-Ray  |  Ultrasound  |  Dexa Bone Density

CT Scan Milwaukee

MRI  |  CT Scan  |  X-Ray
Ultrasound |  Dexa Bone Density

A Computed Tomography, or CT scan, is a non-invasive, quick procedure that can target bones, tendons or tissues. CT scans use computer processed x-rays to capture image “slices” from different angles to generate a cross-sectional diagram of the target area. In this way, CT scanning machines are more dimensional and sophisticated than X-ray machines and can deliver more visually comprehensive results, although the two scans are procedurally very similar.  

At WICE, we use an advanced 32-Slice Tomography CT scanner which allows for more coverage and shorter scan time as compared to a 16-Slice CT scanner. It is a unique system furnished with a row of multiple detector arrays, hence the name. These arrays concurrently gather the data from different slice locations and display the cross-sectional image using rays. This detailed scan enables a radiologist to identify hardly seen abnormalities and study blood vessels deeply. Call us to schedule your CT scan for a comfortable visit with friendly staff and accurate diagnoses.

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