Diagnostic Imaging Services in Milwaukee

WICE Radiology is a state-of-the-art locally owned and independent Medical Imaging Facility offering x-ray, CT scans, bone density, ultrasound and MRIs in Milwaukee. Our unique set up maintains physician leadership skills of their specific clinical practice while retaining the high quality of the diagnosis.

Also known as sonography, ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce images of internal body structures. An ultrasound can be performed to produce images of the head, neck, chest, abdomen and extremities. The results can then provide valuable insight to a variety of diseases and anomalies within the body.

X-radiation, or X-ray, uses ionizing radiation to see anatomy inside the body. Firstly, the beam generator produces a stream of x-rays on the target area. According to the mass and density of the target area, the beams are absorbed accordingly, subsequently resulting in an image.

A Computed Tomography, or CT scan, is a non-invasive, quick procedure that can target bones, tendons or tissues. CT scans use computer processed x-rays to capture image “slices” from different angles to then generate a cross-sectional diagram of the target area.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging employs strong magnets to provide detailed images of internal anatomy of the body such as organs, tissues, and skeletal systems. MRI scans are thus considered the most accurate of all scans due to their exceptional ability to visualize details.


Top of the Line Medical Solutions

WICE’s expert team of medical practitioners are on a mission to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. Comparatively, we provide the best imaging services in Milwaukee, with personalized and compassionate care.

WICE Diagnostic Imaging Center
Ultrasound at WICE

About Us

WICE Radiology is a state-of-the-art locally owned and Independent Medical Imaging Facility. Our unique set up maintains physician leadership skills while retaining the quality of the diagnostic outcome.

Early diagnosis and distinction of an ailment results in minimal healthcare costs for patients. WICE provides the best imaging services in Milwaukee as an efficient, safe, and state of the art imaging center.


Wide Bore vs. Open MRI

At WICE, we use top-of-the-line technology, such as the advanced Wide Bore MRI, as opposed to its precedent, the Open MRI. The main difference between the two is that our 3T Wide Bore MRI is more powerful than a 1.5T Open MRI. This then allows for higher resolution and more accurate scans.

Our 3T MRI is four times as strong as a 1.5T MRI, prompting most physicians to request a 3T MRI order for their patients. With a 3T MRI, scans have significantly higher spatial resolution. Comparatively, the 3T MRI technology offered at WICE is superior technically to that of a lower field strength. Because of this, we are able to produce the most accurate, detailed scans available to assist in your road to recovery.


Once You Have Your Order Scheduling Your Test is as Easy as 1-2-3


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Call our friendly office staff today to schedule your MRI in Milwaukee at WICE Radiology.


  1. Call WICE at 262-261-9423 to schedule
  2. Have your insurance card ready
  3. Tell us the name of your test and who requested it to be done
The WICE team will:
  • Request a copy of the imaging order for your chart
  • Check on your insurance eligibility and determine if authorization is needed
  • If authorization is needed it will be submitted to your insurance with any needed documentation
  • When the process is complete WICE will contact you to schedule your appointment